The Truth Shall Set You Free: What Did Jesus Mean?

My Dear Friends,
Our Lord Jesus speaks. He speaks! Oh I pray that He grants you and me an understanding, for He alone has the Words of Life. May God the Father, and Jesus our Lord bless you mightily, and may God Himself speak out of this sharing the words that He alone knows you need to hear today. For we are all flesh, but He the Spirit knows all things, and He alone is true.

In Jesus Name. AMEN.

What Do You Ask? Secrets from Your Prayers


May God in His mercy bless you in the name of Jesus-Christ our Lord. I thank Him for His mercy. As we study the exchange between God and Solomon, I pray that the Father give us true desires as He did to Solomon, so that we might all be primarily preoccupied with our duties as children and servants of His Kingdom. In His Name. AMEN.