One act is enough

There are some actions that are so profound, they leave no doubt about what is in one’s heart.

Perhaps you are sometimes doubtful that God really loves you. After all, you might remember what you did yesterday, this week or this month, and you are truly ashamed of it. And perhaps rightfully, you should really be ashamed of it.

But consider this hypothetical scenario: There is this gentlemen who works where you work. He has a lot of friends but you are just acquaintances. Here and there you would have lunch, sometime you will talk. Your relationship is a clean one, but does not go much beyond the office.

One day he finds out that he lost his job. His friends offer him their sympathy, but soon after, one by one, they disappear. They do not answer his call, they simply vanish. But during that same time, you have offered him, his wife and his children to come and live with you. Your house is not that big, but you offer him and his wife one bedroom, and you squeeze two extra beds in your own children bedroom. They of course, do not have to pay anything, and whenever you are able, you and your spoude assist them monetarily.

That was two years ago and he has since then moved to another state where he got a nice job.

This act of you committed, you who were not one of his close friends, is so profound that it will leave no doubt in his mind that you truly love him. Sometimes, one act trumps everything, and erases all doubt.

Our God in heaven did just that, by sacrificing His Son for us. An act of this magnitude trumps everything. God may be disappointed in your actions, but make no mistake: He Loves You! And if you are truly convinced of that, even after committing that shameful mistake, you will find strength to love Him back and strength to do what pleases Him.  

1 John 4:10 – Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Blessings in the Lord.

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