The Return of the Master

To the servants of Jesus-Christ;

It’s late in the morning. Here you are in an average sized room, standing in front seven other people, sharing the gospel with them. You are all standing. The door is wide open and gives directly to the busy street.

Suddenly and without warning the Master enters, dressed in a white robe which runs and covers His feet. There was no warning, no trumpet, not procession, just a calm entrance. It could easily have been someone else, but you know within yourself that it is Him, it is the Lord, the Christ, His name is Jesus the Son of God. He does not say a Word but walks calmly yet confidently, three other men following close behind. Suddenly you are paralyzed but also overwhelmed with emotions. You want to speak but cannot open your mouth, neither can you move a muscle. Your entire body feels like it has been set on fire from the inside. The Lord does not say a single Word either, and His walk is steady, quiet, uneventful yet confident, just like His entrance.

He fixes His eyes on you with a faint, but warm smile, as if to acknowledge that He knows who you are. Yet, He does so only for a second or two. Soon He takes His eyes away from you and it becomes very clear that it is not you that He is after. He finally comes and stands right between you and the 7 people, His back faced toward you, the 3 other men staying at a distance.

The Master stands there staring at the 7 people as someone who knows exactly what He is looking for. Somehow you too know exactly what He is doing. He is inspecting His flock, no detail will escape Him. It is quiet, no one is saying anything during that time, no one is moving, not even those seven: The master is inspecting His flock.

You realize at that moment why He only gave you the faintest of looks. Yes He does know you, but first He must see how His sheep are doing? This is the only thing that matters to Him at the moment: How are His sheep that He entrusted you with? Are they in good shape? Is there any sign that they have been abused? You realize that you are secondary, and that your fate depends solely on his assessment of His sheep. There is nothing you can say at that moment, it is too late. Time is up and the Master has returned. You can’t preach any further, counsel any further, pray for them any further, because the Master Himself is here. Not an extra word will come out of your mouth…it is the Master’s turn.

It only takes Him two minutes and the Master is done, for He knew exactly what He was looking for. Then, slowly He turns around and look at you in the eyes. Somehow you only reach Him to His thighs for He is that much taller than you. But with the warmest of hands and the warmest of smiles, He brings you close to Him and embraces you, holding you onto Him. You feel his warm hands behind your neck and back, you are overwhelmed, and suddenly you are available to emit a sound. All your emotions erupt suddenly, as a raging volcano whose cap just gave way. You cry like you have never cried before, you are overpowered with joy…Your Master has returned, He is here, He has inspected His sheep and found them in good health. He is pleased with your work and did not find it wanting. You will never be away from Him anymore…

He then says…”Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

To the servants of the Kingdom. May the Lord, in His grace, when He returns and visit you, finds you so doing.

In His name, majesty without end. Glory to the Father in heaven, glory to His Son, our Lord and Savior.


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